Novy Bor 11.02-18.02.2012

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I managed to pass all my exams at the university so now I have deserved winter holidays and it’s not hard to predict I’m going to play chess tournament! I haven’t been training for some time but I believe I have kind of fresh mind and I’ll be able to find some creative ideas over a board.

Last year I’ve played few tournaments abroad (France, Ukraine and Romania) but this time I’ll play in Czech Republic where I played some tournaments in 2008 (Ostrava), 2009 (Nachod, Olomouc, Plzen) and 2010 (Prague, Olomouc). I always enjoy participating in chess events in Czech Republic, I don’t know why these tournaments despite of low prizes attract strong players from many countries! In Poland there are many local tournaments where the prize is comparable but no one would ever dream about inviting one foreign International Master. I totally don’t understand why there’s so huge difference.

On 6th February 2012 there were registered 97 players from 9 countries(!) including 1 GM, 6 IMs and 1 WIM. Having said that there is theoretical possibility to make International Master norm which I’m trying to get for quite a long time… (I’ve got one so far from Olomouc 2009).
Starting list:

All results shall be here so keep fingers crossed for me and follow my results. I’ll write some reports here if I have Internet connection there.

I depart today’s evening – hope to be there on time tommorow ūüôā


Polish Academic Chess Championship 6-8.01.2012 – two bronze medals

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At the end of the year 2011 I was able to relax a bit and even train chess (I concentrated mostly on some¬†exercises¬†from Aagaard’s book Attacking Manual and played some blitz games on playchess training mostly my tactic skills plus I could remind myself some opening tricks).

Last weekend and Friday I was lucky enough to check how good my training was while participating in Polish Academic Championship which were held in Katowice. First of all I should mention the organization was on very high level, ¬†the conditions were just simply great. Players were¬†accommodated¬†in good hotels (like 4 stars) , playing hall was very nice as well, plenty of interesting games transmitted online, arbiters making pairings without a delay, there was organized some nice party in the center of the city after 1st day as well, beautiful website, ¬†interest of local media, great promotion… I mean chess was really game for Kings and Queens there.

There were 2 tournaments, first was individual and second was team tournament. In individual tournament I scored 7 out of 9. I made 2 draws on 1st day and I lost one game to GM W.Moranda (who became winner of this tournament) in penultimate round ¬†having huge advantage… But that’s rapid chess and such things happen very often. I must say in few games against weaker players I played very badly, had worse position but eventually scored a full point; I think that’s because of better experience… GM W.Moranda despite of having so miserable position was able to put still some resistance and finally I blundered, adding the fact there was no time increment it was no longer so easy for me – at the end I lost on time.

Result of individual tournament: (girls played another tournament)

I was on 8th place (16th starting number) but I won bronze medal in classification of Universities of Technology.

Just after last round of individual tournament we started next competition, the team tournament. All universities were fighting well and till the last moment it wasn’t clear who is going to win this year. Finally my team (Warsaw’s University of ¬†Technology) finished 6th in general classification and 3rd in classification of ¬†Universities of Technology so I won another bronze medal this weekend. Full results here:¬†

more  info about entire event can be found on

That was very enjoyable time for me and now I’m concentrating on my studies again… some scary exams are coming soon ūüėČ

My next tournament – Polish Academic Championship

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This year I’ll most likely refrain from playing any chess tournaments during nearest free time (except some correspondence games or some blitz/bullet games on playchess). In previous years I usually played in Krakow, but this time I’m really tired plus I have some nice projects in mind and I should concentrate on them.

But right at the beginning of January 2012 I’m going to play Polish Academic Championship (6-8.01.2012 in Katowice) and it seems it’s going to be very well organized tournament.¬†There’s already pretty nice website of this event with lots of¬†info including interview with me¬†¬†ūüėČ ¬†I’ll write about organization in details after the tournament. Now I’ll just mention one year ago in team tournament my university won bronze medal in classification of universities of technology so although there’re not many strong chess players at my university we have still some chances in fighting for the best place.

Holidays 2011

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I’m very glad I’ve passed all the exams at my university – that’s also very good for my chess career.
My current rating is just 2378, the plan is to get 2450 in 4 months and become International Master.

I’m planning to play a few strong competitions:
4-10.07 IM-tournament, robin-round, Rodatychi (near Lwow) [UKR]
14-22.07 Najdorf Memorial, very strong Open, Warsaw [POL]
1-10.08 Transylvania Cup, Open tournament, Barsov [ROM]

I’m going to play some more tournaments for sure but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

During each tournament I’ll write (if I have net connection) about my games and basically how it is there.
So please, follow my blog ūüėÄ

I’m looking forward your comments!