London Chess Classic 2015


Today I came back home from London. I think I could write entire article just about my travel as I missed my flight and basically was stressed more than during the whole tournament 😀

…but let’s better talk about positives. I played in FIDE Open and the field was quite strong, there were 28 GMs, 34 IMs and I was 63rd on the starting list so it was a great chance to show my potential. I managed to outplay every weaker player I faced quite convincingly and each game against stronger player was full of fight. I played 2 guys from world top 100, GM E.Postny and GM H.Melkumyan, even though I lost those games I played very agressively and had some chances. After 6 rounds I had 4 points but still without a win over someone strong so the real test came in the last three rounds where I made 2,5 with average above 2450! I beat 2 GMs and made a draw with 1 good IM.

I shared 8th place, my performance was above 2500, I got 4th International Master norm and gained more than 40 ELO points so on January I’ll finally cross 2400! My detailed results:

LCC 2015

In front of Olympia where the event took place

I also had a chance to follow the best players in the world live in action. Unfortunately they were playing more less at the same time as I was playing my games so I was unable to enjoy it as much as I wanted… Still that was nice to sit in their playing hall and experience it live, not online.

Naka vs Caruana

just before handshake Caruana vs Nakamura

There wasn’t a lot of time to visit the city but I managed to see a thing or two 🙂 One thing which caught my eye immediately was… chess set (made 12th century!)

Lewis Chess Set in the British Museum

What can I say more? I’m just looking forward playing more such tournaments!

What’s next?

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As usual I’m not writing here as often as I should but this year I had quite good results and I’m playing much more than in last years 🙂 Recently I played a training tournament in Warsaw and even though it wasn’t very strong I managed to show some nice play and made great score 9/10 with performance over 2600!performance_ymca

detailed results:

It looks as I’m in a good shape so it would be a pity if I loose momentum so… tomorrow I’m flying to London for very strong tournament 😀 There’ll be possibility to score Grandmaster norm; as I have already three International Master norms I think it’s the first time I should be thinking about GM title. My recent performance is at least good prognosis for that 😉

Besides of playing I’ll be also watching best players including current World Champion Magnus Carlsen who will play the last tournament from Grand ChessTour!

For results etc. see there

Keep fingers crossed for me!

Overdue tournament reports


Again, I didn’t write here for some time even though I played two tournaments! Somehow I was unable to find time for blogging… In August I played in Prague and you can find some short summary on my twitter. By the way I encourage you to follow me there 😛


me playing Hippo Opening in the 1st round of Summer Prague Open

(more photos from that tournament on my friend’s site)

On Sunday I finished my second tournament, 2nd Polish League. I was playing on the 1st board for my team Gostmat Gostynin and I had quite strong opponents. This time I had rather bad start (although I must admit my opponents played very well in those games) but later I recovered a bit winning two nice miniatures(!) and all in all my result wasn’t bad 🙂

Link to detailed results: My team was 9th but we were very unlucky to play against best team in the last round which we lost terribly… Had we won the last round we would have been promoted to the 1st League.

I’m pretty sure you would like to see some more comments strictly related to my games on this blog so…

…I promise to give 1 highlight from my latest games soon!

You can leave some suggestions in the comments 😉




How I scored 3rd International Master norm

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At the beginning of this year I have announced (see here: I’m going to play more chess and you can expect big comeback 😀 And here it is. In July I’ve played two tournaments, one just a day after another and in the second (Najdorf Memorial in Warsaw) I managed to get my 3rd International Master norm quite easily with confidence. I secured it after 8 rounds so I could even loose the last game 😀



Indeed the performance 2531 is quite stunning, I recovered nearly 60 ELO points and what’s the most important – I played against really strong field (5 GMs, 3 IMs, 1 FM – average rating 2488) – detailed info under this link: But… about my previous tournament there’s not much to say, I played couple interesting games but the overall score was much below expectations. My performance there was 2230, so how on earth it is possible to perform 300 ELO points better just within couple days?

In last years when I was playing only occasionally I always had a feeling at the end of the tournament that now I can play on a good level. In other words, if I had played the next tournament right away I would have performed much better. See what I wrote one year ago – “As usual now I feel like I would play much better chess if I play next tournament but next month I’m doing some other stuff so I can forget everything again just to recall it during the next tournament”  ( It’s obvious after the tournament one can remind himself quite many things, some opening lines, the way to calculate during the game etc. so one should perform better in the next tournament. But can it really make such a huge difference? And on the other hand one could say that it’s more likely to become tired playing one tournament after another without any break… It all sounds like some kind of storytelling which happens very often to chess players (The subject was very well covered by psychologist and GrandMaster Jonathan Rowson in his great book “Chess for Zebras” Gambit 2005) and maybe in some way it is but that were at least my thoughts and the reason why I necessarily chose to play two tournaments instead of one. That was my theory and it worked perfectly. Of course I don’t rule out any other influences on my score like the fact it was less hot during the second event or simply I was playing much stronger opponents against whom I usually play more responsibly and just better. One thing for me is clear anyway  – The best way to prepare for the tournament is to play the tournament! That can’t be a rule of thumb for all players, especially for some old guys with poor physical condition but for the players like me that looks like the way to go 🙂


…and here is me playing against the legendary GrandMaster Oleg Romanishin ( – probably the toughest opponent I have ever met. Playing against him was really inspiring. He crashed me terribly 3 years ago but this time I managed to make a draw.

Chess holidays plans

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Yet again you haven’t heard anything from me for a while but I’ve done some work on chess since my last tournament. Now it’s the right time to test my strength and this weekend I’m going to play Polish blitz championship in Lublin. I’ve never been good as a blitz player but I’ve been playing a lot training blitz games online recently so I believe it won’t be so bad.

Next, in July I’m going to play Najdorf Memorial in Warsaw where I hope to play at least as strong as I was able to play couple years ago 🙂 I’m also considering playing in Wrocław just before the Najdorf. I don’t have any specific plans for the August but I have a feeling I need to play something… If you have heard about any nice tournaments in August let me know 😉

My impressions after Frydek Mistek 2015


Dear All,

That was my 10th tournament in Czech Republic! I’ve never played such an exhaustive tournament, 4 days double round and on 5th day last round at 8am 😀 After a long break I tried to play some serious chess and I think I more less played good and interesting games calculating lots of variations quite well. I made 5 draws and had 4 wins and even though I had couple draws with lower rated players I think the quality of games was decent so I’m happy with it. I finished the tournament on 3rd place behind IM V.Plat and IM I.Sipos.

Detailed results are here:

Apart from the Open tournament I played, there were also tournaments for kids. Each time I visit Czech Republic I wonder why tournaments there are so much better than tournaments in Poland (More players from different countries and much stronger players comparing tournaments with similar prizes. I have already written something on that topic on this blog back in 2012). And the events for kids were great example of what chess events should be about. I was very glad to see children enjoying the tournament after the rounds, the organizers prepared plenty activities for them. There were some clowns entertaining kids, simultaneous display, theatre and many other things I don’t even know how to name. (You can see everything on photos from the event at organizers website

Of course all of this is not maybe directly important for older guys like me, but what I want to say is:

After finishing each round going straight to the hotel room is against chess culture.

…and let this message guide organizers from Poland. Of course this is also up to chess players if they are cultural or not but the first thing depends on organizers if they for example provide a place for post mortem analysis, organize simultaneous exhibitions etc. In Frydek Mistek I got to know some new chess friends, analyzed games with them and that’s not less important than the games I played.

Some pictures of me in Frydek Mistek 🙂

25 99photos taken from

I play better chess when I write about it!


I’ve been neglecting this blog for more than 2 years (since July 2012 when I started my job as computer scientist) and Ioose my ELO points in every tournament I play. I haven’t played a lot since then but I still managed to loose more than 100 points what is really frustrating.

Playing chess is not just about the results but clearly playing bad games is no fun at all. Now, when I’m under 2300 I decided I need to come back somehow that’s why I returned to this blog as “I play better chess when I write about it” 🙂

How does writing a blog can have anything in common with my playing strength? The answer is very simple. When I write about chess it means I have time for it. Time is a crucial factor when it comes to development of any skill. Also it shows that I’m much more attached to my play. It’s essential to have some goals etc.

I’ve chosen some nice books a few weeks ago and expect my big comeback this year 😀 I’m also looking for some strong tournaments. Unfortunately I can’t play too many tournaments because of my other obligations but I think I can afford playing much more than in the last 2 years.

I hope this year will be as good as 2005 when I gained nearly 200 ELO points and had my best results in my career as a junior. I was vice champion under 14 in Poland (classical chess) and played European Junior Championships in Herceg Novi where I came 22nd.  Also I won National Championship (U14) in rapid chess.

P.S. A little throwback from 2005 🙂 I wish I could be as much devoted to chess as I was back then…


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