My new chess club and first success


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At the beginning of September I took part in 2nd Seniors League (in Jastrzębia Góra) with the team ‘Wieża Pęgów’. This is the first time I represented this club and I’m very happy we finished on a second place which is good enough to be promoted into the 1st league next year!

My personal result was unfortunately far from satisfactory. I started very well (4,5/6 and I nicely beat one GM with Black)  but somehow I lost three last rounds which was a disaster for me but hopefully our team having won 6 first matches didn’t need too much to secure our main goal 🙂


from the left: Jakub Szotkowski, Piotr Jagodziński, WGM Joanna Majdan-Gajewska, IM Piotr Nguyen, Filip Dowgird, Paweł Kowalczyk

I would like to thank my all teammates and our boss from ‘Wieża Pęgów’, next year we are going to do our best in the 1st league!


Overdue tournament reports


Again, I didn’t write here for some time even though I played two tournaments! Somehow I was unable to find time for blogging… In August I played in Prague and you can find some short summary on my twitter. By the way I encourage you to follow me there 😛


me playing Hippo Opening in the 1st round of Summer Prague Open

(more photos from that tournament on my friend’s site)

On Sunday I finished my second tournament, 2nd Polish League. I was playing on the 1st board for my team Gostmat Gostynin and I had quite strong opponents. This time I had rather bad start (although I must admit my opponents played very well in those games) but later I recovered a bit winning two nice miniatures(!) and all in all my result wasn’t bad 🙂

Link to detailed results: My team was 9th but we were very unlucky to play against best team in the last round which we lost terribly… Had we won the last round we would have been promoted to the 1st League.

I’m pretty sure you would like to see some more comments strictly related to my games on this blog so…

…I promise to give 1 highlight from my latest games soon!

You can leave some suggestions in the comments 😉




End of chess holidays

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Yesterday’s night I came back from my last tournament during holidays this year.  I played very strong opponents as expected (average around 2450, highest in my career!). I made only 3,5 out of 9 rounds, but  my ELO change is zero. My team was on 8th place and unfortunately we were the first team to drop from the 1st division of Polish Team Championship. After 7 rounds we were on 6th place but we lost two remaining matches and that couldn’t be good.

The results:

Personally I think that was very nice tournament , whole team got experience playing on high level. I mostly regret  6th round where my team lost just 3,5 to 2,5 and I played really nice chess and had advantage against GM Andrei Maksimenko but fell into his trap and lost the game.

Now I’m taking rest from chess and I’ll be doing some computer science stuffs instead.

Thanks for reading my blog 🙂





chess again: Mrzezyno 3-11.09.2011

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In last few days I’ve neglected my blog a little bit but that was because of bad acces to internet in Rewal and I was busy with some other things (plus maybe my tiredness and laziness).

Unfortunately I lost last round in Rewal but I should forget it quickly… New tournament is about to begin!

I just spend 2 days in Warsaw and today’s morning I’m going to Mrzezyno (small city near Baltic Sea, just like Rewal). This tournament is Polish Team Championship (1st division) and I play for the club SzUKS Gostmat 83 Gostynin. One year ago we played in 2nd division and I scored very well (performance around 2500 and I played some strong guys$248.html).  My team was 5th and thanks to the fact some other team decided not to play in 1st division my club got a chance to play there.

Hope to play some nice games this year as well 😉

follow results here: