European Rapid Chess Championship 2011 – final report

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As I’ve announced I played European Rapid Chess Championship this weekend. The quality of my games wasn’t great plus results weren’t satisfactory too…

I won 3 first games but later I lost to GM Mista playing without a plan… then I won 5th round and in the 6th round faced GM Miton where I managed to get some advantage with Black but generally the game was messy and at some point I played such a terrible move and just lost… I was very irritated what was one of the reasons I lost two next games scoring very bad result after first day of Gawlikowski Memorial (I checked that in years 2006-2010 I had more points after 8 rounds but I think the score in 2005 as well as 2004, 2003 might have been even better!). Next day was of course much better, there were 5 rounds so I won 4 games and in the last game I had to play GM Potkin (again I got Black pieces vs. GM!). I lost this game without putting big resistance even though position wasn’t that clear. All in all I must say I wasn’t in a best shape this time… Maybe next time will be better 😀

The tournament was won by GM Baadur Jobaava, second was GM Sanan Sjugirov and third was GM Robert Kempinski. Full results:


European Rapid Chess Championship, Warsaw 17-18.12.2011

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It’s quite a long time since my last post but as I expected I was very busy with my studies… it goes rather well, but it’s very time consuming.

In last time I played only YMCA tournament in Warsaw (one round per week) – I’ll write report about my final results soon.

But this weekend there’s great fun to play in European Rapid Chess Championship in Warsaw (The Palace of Culture and Science, Plac Defilad 1). On the starting list there’re registered nearly 800 chess players including 9 players above 2700! and plenty of other very strong GrandMasters (see: My current rating 2364 makes my starting number around place 100. The prize for the first place is equal to 4000 euros, not so easy to grab, but there’re many other prizes which are worth fighting for. Great fun!

The tournament is also called Gawlikowski Memorial (it became European Rapid Champ. in 2005 if my memory doesn’t fail me). I have played there since year 2001 when I won prize for the best player under age 10 😀 it was big positive shock to me that time. Later I had different results but I was always happy to play there. The conditions are just great comparing other events.

Today there was blitz tournament (European Blitz Chess Championship) with almost 400 participants, but I’haven’t played because I had some laboratories at my university plus I never treat blitz seriously enough.

All the information needed can be found here:

Keep fingers crossed for me! I’haven’t been training for a long time but still hope to have some nice games 😉