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As I have announced almost 2 months ago I’ll be back playing some chess. I’ve played one short (5 rounds) tournament since then and I scored very badly there loosing some rating points… But it’s most important to draw some conclusions and play some more games before I forget everything I learnt 😀

I’m playing POBESKYDI OPEN in Frydek Mistek (Czech Republic, 2nd-6th of April). This will be my first tournament abroad since spring 2012. I’m ready to fight! Keep fingers crossed for me 😉

Starting list:

2012 summary

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Hello everyone!

2012 was very important year for me. I did a lot of things, made great progress, unfortunately it was not chess… After my last post about tournament in Wroclaw I played also Najdorf Memorial and 2nd Seniors League, not that bad but without spectacular succes. I didn’t play any other tournament, I didn’t play even any rapid nor any Internet blitz games and also this blog was suffering from emptiness.

That’s because I’ve started working as a computer scientist in of the best companies in the world. The job is really nice, but currently adding university obligations I’m so busy and simply exhausted… I also started career as a DJ and as usual I have plenty ideas connected with computer science projects. Chess requires big amount of concentration, many hours of training – something I can’t afford at the moment.

But I hope to become bachelor next year, maybe after that I’ll have more time and I’ll be back with full power!

I wish all who read this blog happy new year! and I wish myself to have time and energy to play chess and continue this blog of course.

Holidays 2011

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I’m very glad I’ve passed all the exams at my university – that’s also very good for my chess career.
My current rating is just 2378, the plan is to get 2450 in 4 months and become International Master.

I’m planning to play a few strong competitions:
4-10.07 IM-tournament, robin-round, Rodatychi (near Lwow) [UKR]
14-22.07 Najdorf Memorial, very strong Open, Warsaw [POL]
1-10.08 Transylvania Cup, Open tournament, Barsov [ROM]

I’m going to play some more tournaments for sure but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

During each tournament I’ll write (if I have net connection) about my games and basically how it is there.
So please, follow my blog 😀

I’m looking forward your comments!

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The idea of creating a blog came to my mind few years ago but somehow it wasn’t easy for me to start it properly.

But finally I decided to give it a try 🙂
Many people are constantly asking me many questions about my games and chess in general. It’s not so easy to answer everything so many times especially if somebody is kind of busy person. So here we go, I’m going to write about all my chess results here plus some general thoughts about this game.

I hope you enjoy it.