Well, this year I decided to play as many tournaments as possible πŸ™‚ So far I managed to participate in 5 events – I played in Italy, Austria, Macedonia, Hungary and Poland! Now it’s time to summarize it before holidays.

TOURNAMENT SCORE GMs & IMs faced Rating perf. ELO change
Gabicce Mare 6.5/9 5xIM 2477 +8
Graz Open 6/9 3xGM 2520 +11
Karpos Open (Skopje) 6.5/9 2xGM 2503 +9
Sax Memorial (Zalakaros) 4/9 2xGM, 2xIM 2328 -15
Lublin Union Memorial 5/9 4xGM, 2xIM 2488 +6Β 

My rating in January was 2425 and on 1st July it will be 2444 so I gained nearly 20 ELO points which is positive, but as you can see I had one terrible result which destroyed my progress a bit. Still I am happy with quality of my play and I know what should I focus on to make a further progress.

Crown Tribunal in Lublin, Poland

Crown Tribunal in Lublin, Poland

My next tournaments are:

  • Najdorf Memorial in my hometown (Warsaw)
  • Mare di Fano in Italy
  • Polish League (1st Division)
  • …and I’m certainly looking for at least two more tournaments this year πŸ˜‰