As you have probably already read on my blog 2015 was a very successful year for me. I gained more than 100 ELO points, just like in the old good days when I was very young ūüôā I also managed to play quite many games (almost 80). When I was still a junior I used to play more than 100 games per year but such amount of games played in one year will probably be only possible when I retire ūüėÄ ¬†From now on I will try to play minimum 40-50 games each year (hopefully it will be more!). Also important point to note I chose only very strong tournaments and I shall continue doing so. I can’t afford playing some weak tournaments as time is too valuable.

Regarding my International Master title the application is already online at¬†¬†and as far as I understand I’ll get it after the nearest FIDE¬†Presidential Board Meeting which is held at the end of March in Moscow.


Facing very difficult position at Cracovia 2015. Credits:

I haven’t chosen all tournaments for this year yet (If you know about any nice tournaments please let me know!) but on 12th February I will play¬†very strong tournament in Graz. You can see the¬†starting list. There’re more than 10 GMs! As usual I ask you to keep fingers crossed for me ūüėõ

Tournament website: РYou should find there link to online tranmission so you can watch some top games live.