As usual I’m not writing here as often as I should but this year I had quite good results and I’m playing much more than in last years 🙂 Recently I played a training tournament in Warsaw and even though it wasn’t very strong I managed to show some nice play and made great score 9/10 with performance over 2600!performance_ymca

detailed results:

It looks as I’m in a good shape so it would be a pity if I loose momentum so… tomorrow I’m flying to London for very strong tournament 😀 There’ll be possibility to score Grandmaster norm; as I have already three International Master norms I think it’s the first time I should be thinking about GM title. My recent performance is at least good prognosis for that 😉

Besides of playing I’ll be also watching best players including current World Champion Magnus Carlsen who will play the last tournament from Grand ChessTour!

For results etc. see there

Keep fingers crossed for me!