Dear All,

That was my 10th tournament in Czech Republic! I’ve never played such an exhaustive tournament, 4 days double round and on 5th day last round at 8am 😀 After a long break I tried to play some serious chess and I think I more less played good and interesting games calculating lots of variations quite well. I made 5 draws and had 4 wins and even though I had couple draws with lower rated players I think the quality of games was decent so I’m happy with it. I finished the tournament on 3rd place behind IM V.Plat and IM I.Sipos.

Detailed results are here:

Apart from the Open tournament I played, there were also tournaments for kids. Each time I visit Czech Republic I wonder why tournaments there are so much better than tournaments in Poland (More players from different countries and much stronger players comparing tournaments with similar prizes. I have already written something on that topic on this blog back in 2012). And the events for kids were great example of what chess events should be about. I was very glad to see children enjoying the tournament after the rounds, the organizers prepared plenty activities for them. There were some clowns entertaining kids, simultaneous display, theatre and many other things I don’t even know how to name. (You can see everything on photos from the event at organizers website

Of course all of this is not maybe directly important for older guys like me, but what I want to say is:

After finishing each round going straight to the hotel room is against chess culture.

…and let this message guide organizers from Poland. Of course this is also up to chess players if they are cultural or not but the first thing depends on organizers if they for example provide a place for post mortem analysis, organize simultaneous exhibitions etc. In Frydek Mistek I got to know some new chess friends, analyzed games with them and that’s not less important than the games I played.

Some pictures of me in Frydek Mistek 🙂

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