I’ve been neglecting this blog for more than 2 years (since July 2012 when I’ve started my job as a software developer) and I lost my ELO points in every tournament I played. I haven’t played a lot since then but I still managed to lose more than 100 points what is really frustrating.

Playing chess is not just about the results but clearly playing bad games is no fun at all. Now, when I’m under 2300 I decided I need to come back somehow that’s why I returned to this blog as “I play better chess when I write about it” 🙂

How does writing a blog can have anything in common with my playing strength? The answer is very simple. When I write about chess it means I have time for it. Time is a crucial factor when it comes to development of any skill. Also it shows that I’m much more attached to my play. It’s essential to have some goals etc.

I’ve chosen some nice books a few weeks ago and expect my big comeback this year 😀 I’m also looking for some strong tournaments. Unfortunately I can’t play too many tournaments because of my other obligations but I think I can afford playing much more than in the last 2 years.

I hope this year will be as good as 2005 when I gained nearly 200 ELO points and had my best results in my career as a junior. I was vice champion under 14 in Poland (classical chess) and played European Junior Championships in Herceg Novi where I came 22nd.  Also I won National Championship (U14) in rapid chess.

P.S. A little throwback from 2005 🙂 I wish I could be as much devoted to chess as I was back then…