Hello everyone!

2012 was very important year for me. I did a lot of things, made great progress, unfortunately it was not chess… After my last post about tournament in Wroclaw I played also Najdorf Memorial and 2nd Seniors League, not that bad but without spectacular succes. I didn’t play any other tournament, I didn’t play even any rapid nor any Internet blitz games and also this blog was suffering from emptiness.

That’s because I’ve started working as a computer scientist in of the best companies in the world. The job is really nice, but currently adding university obligations I’m so busy and simply exhausted… I also started career as a DJ and as usual I have plenty ideas connected with computer science projects. Chess requires big amount of concentration, many hours of training – something I can’t afford at the moment.

But I hope to become bachelor next year, maybe after that I’ll have more time and I’ll be back with full power!

I wish all who read this blog happy new year! and I wish myself to have time and energy to play chess and continue this blog of course.