The organizers of the Czech Tour always make tournaments in places nice for tourists. It partially answers the question why there’re so many foreign chessplayers coming for chess tournaments in Czech Republic. The possibility of spending free time is just very attractive.

In Novy Bor the organizers passed the exam once again, this small city is very nice to have a good rest. I walk few hours every day around the city breathing fresh air and in the evening one can spend some time in various restaurants drinking hot wine (in Cze: svařené víno) which I really do recommend 🙂

Paweł Flak and Piotr Nguyen, in front of Klić, near Novy Bor 2012

Paweł Flak and Piotr Nguyen, in front of Klić, near Novy Bor 2012

After 4 rounds there’re five players leading in the tournament with 3,5 point (I’m on 4th place). And ten players have 3 points with good chances to catch current leaders.
I think it is worth noting on shared 6-7th place there is little boy (11 years old) with same name as mine(!) Nguyen Thai Dai Van. I think we’ll hear about him more and more in the future and I’ll surely follow results of this young talented boy.

All in all there’re still 5 rounds to go, everything can happen especially that tomorrow we have double round, but I don’t have chance for IM norm – too little titled opponents…

results after 4 rounds: