I managed to pass all my exams at the university so now I have deserved winter holidays and it’s not hard to predict I’m going to play chess tournament! I haven’t been training for some time but I believe I have kind of fresh mind and I’ll be able to find some creative ideas over a board.

Last year I’ve played few tournaments abroad (France, Ukraine and Romania) but this time I’ll play in Czech Republic where I played some tournaments in 2008 (Ostrava), 2009 (Nachod, Olomouc, Plzen) and 2010 (Prague, Olomouc). I always enjoy participating in chess events in Czech Republic, I don’t know why these tournaments despite of low prizes attract strong players from many countries! In Poland there are many local tournaments where the prize is comparable but no one would ever dream about inviting one foreign International Master. I totally don’t understand why there’s so huge difference.

On 6th February 2012 there were registered 97 players from 9 countries(!) including 1 GM, 6 IMs and 1 WIM. Having said that there is theoretical possibility to make International Master norm which I’m trying to get for quite a long time… (I’ve got one so far from Olomouc 2009).
Starting list: http://czechtour.net/files/Novy_Bor_Open.xls

All results shall be here http://www.czechtour.net/novy-bor-open/results-and-games/ so keep fingers crossed for me and follow my results. I’ll write some reports here if I have Internet connection there.

I depart today’s evening – hope to be there on time tommorow 🙂