I haven’t been writing here for nearly a month… It was good time for me to have some rest. All in all I had still holidays!

Few days ago I started playing again… I played one tournament in Ursus (district Warsaw), the first tournament of the Four Seasons of  The Year series.

These are not very strong tournaments and there’re many weak participants plus few stronger players fighting for top prizes (which are pretty nice). In 2009/2010 I won this grand prix (which includes 4 tournaments) quite convincingly winning  first, secondthird and sharing 1st place in the last one (2nd place due to slightly worse tie-break). Then I won again, the first tournament of the next series scoring 8/9 but I stopped playing there because I concluded it’s not a great challenge to me and I need to play some stronger tournaments in order to make some visible progress.

But this time I decided to play again because more strong players came to play (while I haven’t made significant progress during holidays) and I had some time (1st week of studies isn’t very demanding). From many points of view it’s very tough to play there as usual, whole tournament is played just in 4 days (2 weekends) so it means double rounds and even one triple! It requires good physical condition… Also playing against very weak opponents being tired means that things are not so clear as they should be normally… Then making some bad results can’t affect next rounds… Well, one just needs to be mentally strong person. Chess is like life (or life is like chess?) and not only knowledge, wisdom, intelligence are important. There’re plenty of others. The key issue is to combine all the positive factors and just be practical 😉

This time I lost in 4th round to player below 2200, the game was terrible, I had huge advantage but played one wrong move and things became unclear and I couldn’t adjust myself to the new situation what caused me to be defeated. Fortunately that was last game in the 1st weekend and I had five days to forget about this bad result and perform better in next weekend. But as I said, it’s tough tournament, in 7th round I lost to player 2300+ but it was third game that day and this is crazy as the game was… It’s really hard to explain what was happening on the chessboard, but after few hours of strange play we got into totally drawish endgame where I was in severe time trouble and it was me who blundered last in the game. So it was clear that’s not my best tournament but with two remaining rounds I was in fighting mode and won those two last games (in the last one crushing player over 2400 with black pieces) and finally it gave me 4th place which isn’t great but I can’t say it’s tragedy 😛

Final results and games: http://www.chessarbiter.com/turnieje/2011/ti_2793/results.html?l=pl&tb=10_

Last but not least thing I should mention I also play YMCA Masters tournament (one game per week so it’s not that exhaustive). So far I’m scoring well (2/2). Follow the tournament here.