Yesterday’s night I came back from my last tournament during holidays this year.  I played very strong opponents as expected (average around 2450, highest in my career!). I made only 3,5 out of 9 rounds, but  my ELO change is zero. My team was on 8th place and unfortunately we were the first team to drop from the 1st division of Polish Team Championship. After 7 rounds we were on 6th place but we lost two remaining matches and that couldn’t be good.

The results:

Personally I think that was very nice tournament , whole team got experience playing on high level. I mostly regret  6th round where my team lost just 3,5 to 2,5 and I played really nice chess and had advantage against GM Andrei Maksimenko but fell into his trap and lost the game.

Now I’m taking rest from chess and I’ll be doing some computer science stuffs instead.

Thanks for reading my blog 🙂