In last few days I’ve neglected my blog a little bit but that was because of bad acces to internet in Rewal and I was busy with some other things (plus maybe my tiredness and laziness).

Unfortunately I lost last round in Rewal but I should forget it quickly… New tournament is about to begin!

I just spend 2 days in Warsaw and today’s morning I’m going to Mrzezyno (small city near Baltic Sea, just like Rewal). This tournament is Polish Team Championship (1st division) and I play for the club SzUKS Gostmat 83 Gostynin. One year ago we played in 2nd division and I scored very well (performance around 2500 and I played some strong guys$248.html).  My team was 5th and thanks to the fact some other team decided not to play in 1st division my club got a chance to play there.

Hope to play some nice games this year as well 😉

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