The whole trip to Romania wasn’t very succesful for me… First, very tough time to get there by car, next the shocking news in Brasov and later terrible result in Sibiu. In last 4 years I haven’t played worse tournament I think. I lost nearly 30 ELO points and the fun to cross 2400 begins again and again…


Anyway – there’re some good things about playing chess in general. A chessplayer needs to treat each defeat as a lesson, a lesson where one can analyse everything move by move and finally make some conclusions. I didn’t loose without a reason and my responsibility is to find that reason. That is a way to improve not only in chess but basically in entire life…

Thanks to that trip I saw some interesting monuments, different culture, met new people, trained my russian language a bit etc. That’s essential for development. Even though I played so bad chess there I believe it was much better than sitting for ten days at home watching TV or sth like that.

My whole plan to have rating 2450 on 1.11.2011 is ruined now so I’m giving up but I’m going to play more tournaments in few days 😀 because all in all it’s a great fun for me, sth I can’t experience at the time when I go to university. In addition I say that becoming IM and later GM is just a matter of time… I have made plenty of good results against IMs and GMs so it’s possible to reach that level, but I just need to play more tournaments and have more time to analyse games, read books etc. Maybe after I graduate my university I’ll manage to do that.

My next start is “Konik Morski Rewala” [eng. Rewal’s Sea Horse] .

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