As I have announced I came to Brasov in Romania. The trip took much more than anyone could expect, it was more than 20 hours by car. It was very tough but finally we got away with it…

But today in the morning we were informed by the organizer that the tournament is cancelled!!! because many players from foreign countries didn’t come… Due to this fact (there’s not enough number of federations) there’s no sponsorship so I won’t play. I’m not going to blame anyone directly here especially that my blog it’s very public place. But generally the organization is just not serious or completely unexperienced. Such thing to happen is a nightmare… for the chessplayer to go through so many kilometeres and end up not playing any single game… I haven’t ever come across such situation in my life before and I hope it’ll never repeat.

I should get some compensation since I lost quite a lot by coming to this place (ruined plans, my time which is very expensive, some money etc.) but details I’ll get to know tomorrow.

I’ll spend couple of days here with my friends sightseeing the city and then go back to Poland.