I haven’t been writing for a few days but I think I should say few words about my results in Warsaw.
So here it is:
After I lost the first round to much weaker player I managed to win three next games regaining my ELO loss. In 5th round I met the most promising player in Poland (youngest GrandMaster) Dariusz Świercz. I was White so I went 1.f4 without hessitation and the battle was around equal so finally we shared a point. In 6th I had to face another 2500+ player, my friend International Master Kacper Piorun. He played 1.Nf3 but soon we transposed to Maroczy Bind where I got extremely good chances. Generally I had the advantage but still quite a lot had to be found. Unfortunately for me at some point I miscalculated terribly and lost myself whereas Kacper played strong moves and went on to win in nice style.
After 6 rounds I have 3,5 points. Not bad but nothing good as well, but I’m happy I recovered after first round. There’re still three rounds remaining, I hope I can play some more interesting games.

For those who still haven’t noticed:
all the results are here:  http://www.poloniachess.pl/najdorf2011/A/index.html

all the games are here: http://www.poloniachess.pl/najdorf2011/index.php?page=partie

and you can watch the games online there as well: http://www.poloniachess.pl/najdorf2011/index.php?page=live