Finally I got back home and can add new post comfortably πŸ™‚

Even though I lost penultimate round (I would have made draw easily if I wasn’t so ambitious) and lost chance for the IM norm I managed to win last round against Woman International Master Irina Andrenko in the French Defence. That result (6,5 out of 9) brought me first place in the tournament! Second was Vladimir Meleshko (6 points) and third was Volodymyr Vetoshko (5,5 points).

Summary: I’m very happy to have some small gain on ELO rating and the quality of my games was very good. Preparations, games, analysis were great training for me and victory in such tournament in Ukraine (one of the leading countries in chess with great chess culture and history) is very important for my career. Missed norm by half a point still hurts but anyway it’s pretty nice start of my chess holidays this year!

So as I’ve already mentioned my next tournament is Najdorf Memorial in Warsaw. That’s much stronger tournament but it’s ‘open tournament’ and there’re not so many federations thus chance for norm isn’t very big but anyway my aim is to get into TOP 10 and play some more entertaining games. Wish me good luck!