Unfortunately I was unable to connect to the internet recently that’s why I couldn’t post anything new.

At the moment I also don’t have comfortable connection thus I’ll just quickly tell about the results:

5. draw with Emil Mirzoev (2138) in the Pirc Defence

6. I beat International Master Grekh Andrey (2378) playing 1.f4!

7. victory over Vladimir Meleshko (2286) playing French Defence.

and I needed 1,5 point out of two last games to get the International Master norm, but unfortunately today I lost to International Master Zajarnyi Anatoli (2337). After the opening I got slightly better endgame but probably I played it too sharp and fall into some tactics and later it was very tough to play

Tomorrow I’m playing against WIM Adrenko Irina (2272) with Black and I don’t have any chance to get IM norm…

After the tournament I hope I’ll post something more interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰

My next tournament is Najdorf Memorial in Warsaw. Here’s the starting list: http://www.poloniachess.pl/najdorf2011/A/list_of_players.html

And I’m going to attack IM norm again…