I’m already in Rodatychi, Charyvna Dolina (eng. Magic Valley).
First of all I should mention I don’t have comfortable access to the internet that’s why it might be problematic to post here every day but I’ll do my best šŸ™‚

Despite the fact there’s lack of good internet connection the conditions seem to be very fine and the first round starts tommorrow. Although it’s closed (round robin) tournament and the information who is going to play was well known in advance there’re no pairings yet. The list of participants you can find here (ukr.lang.): http://www.grandcoach.com/ru/news/19/

Schedule of the event:
4.07 ā€“ 17.00 (5 p.m.) – Š† round
5.07 – 16.00 ā€“ Š†Š† round
6.07 ā€“ 10.00 ā€“ Š†Š†Š† round, 16.00 ā€“ Š†V round
7.07 ā€“ 10.00 ā€“ V round
8.07 – 10.00 ā€“ VŠ† round, 16.00 ā€“ VŠ†I round
9.07 – 15.00 ā€“ VŠ†Š†Š† round
10.07 ā€“ 10.00 ā€“ IX round, 14.00 – ending ceremony.
note: there’s no time change as in Poland, so when it’s now 17 here, it’s 16 in Poland šŸ™‚

My aim in this tournament is to play very good chess, relax a bit and to make International Master norm, so please keep fingers crossed for me!